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Masjid At-Taqwa

Plan of action dealing with the pandemic COVID-19 With the ever changing environment and the advice from the government been to delay the spread of the virus, after a meeting of the committee and the trustees of the mosque we have decided to implement the following procedures.

At this moment in time we have not seen clear evidence that the mosque should close for congregational prayers. As a result we will continue to keep the mosque open for prayers with the exception of Juma’ah (Friday Prayer). This decision has not been taken lightly and will be under constant review. Salah (congregational prayers)

• All the prayers will be shortened not in terms of ‘raka’ah’ (units of prayer) but, the length of the prayer.

• Public is advised strongly to bring their own prayer mat into the mosque.

• Public will also be advised to pray their sunnah or nawafil (optional) prayers at home.

• Juma’ah (Friday Prayer) will NOT take place in the mosque until further notice. Therefore, from Friday 20th March the mosque will open for Fajr (morning prayer) and then will be closed until Asr (late afternoon prayer.

• Due to the virus been spread through close contact with each other and one of the most vulnerable classes are the children. We have decided in that respect not to take any risk with our students and to close the Madarassah from midnight on Wednesday 18th March until further notice.

Madarassah (Islamic school)

Mosque Activities

• We were planning to hold a conference this Easter this will now be postponed until August 2020.

• Tuesday’s Islamic study class by Sheikh Mohamed Ali Mowliid will be stopped until further notice.

• All other lessons that take part in the mosque will be advised to stop, until further notice.

In the current climate we would encourage all worshipers to remain patient and to constantly think about their hygiene,

“Allah loves those who turn to him, and loves those who keep themselves clean” [Qur’an; 2.222], as well as the Prophet’s saying (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that “keeping clean is half of faith” [Muslim].

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