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Preparing and Planning for Phased Re-Opening of Mosques

Preparing and Planning for Phased Re-Opening of Mosques.

Initial Discussion Guidelines for Leaders of Mosques, Madrasas and Community Centres, as of 31/05/2020.


On 18th March 2020, based on advice from our Muslim scholars and guided by our medical advisors, FoMS recommended to our Masajid and Madaris to suspend all congregational prayers, religious gatherings, events and activities. This suspension was implemented to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19 virus and save precious lives.

Over the last ten or so weeks, our Masajid and Madaris community has shown tremendous restraint, resolve and discipline in adhering to advice from FoMS, Government and Public Health England.

Alhamdulillah, as a direct result of this, we have contributed to saving many precious lives.

The latest indications from Government indicate that all places of worship will be allowed to resume their activities in a phased manner from the 4th July 2020. What this may look like is unclear, and we eagerly await further guidance and much-needed clarification. However, we are anticipating some restrictions on places of worship to be eased. Therefore, we are advising our Masajid and those in positions of responsibility (trustees) to prepare for the re-opening of the Masajid by putting in place measures for the safe return of its congregation.

The guidance below is based on the recommended advice by the Faith Associates. It provides a useful and helpful framework for the Masajid to start planning for the 4th of July date. Please give early and careful consideration to the this guidance.

Let us collectively and responsibly safeguard our masjids and community.

Jazakallah Khair

Qari Mohammad Ismail

Mohammad Ali

Moulana Aslam Zahid

Professor Saleem Akhtar

Moulana Abu Kamali

Liaqat Sharif

Waheed Akhtar

Abdul Kayum

Abdul Razzaq

Sheikh Mohammad Ali

Sabir Hussain


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