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Sheffield Faith leaders on the Covid-19 Vaccine

Find the links to our videos from Sheffield Faith leaders on the Covid-19 Vaccine here:


https://youtu.be/uvUOvjEh9iU - EXTENDED VERSION.

Sheffield Faith leaders and community members talk about their views on the Covid-19 vaccine and discuss their experience.

With special thanks to

The Rt Revd Dr Pete Wilcox,

Bishop of Sheffield The Rt Rev Dr Tim Ellis

Rev. Dr Jim Master, Lynne Nicholson, Subhash Mathai, Walter Cartwright, Kishore Varma and Terence Williams from City Life International

Church Venerable Malcolm Chamberlain, Archdeacon of Sheffield & Rotherham

Rev. Gail Hunt from the Methodist Church

Rev. Sallie Wilson from Church on the Corner

Roy & Margaret from Church on the Corner

Phyliss from Church on the Corner

James from Church on the Corner

Dr Vithal Patel, Hindu community

Darryl Lomas from Tapton Hill Congregational Church

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